Market sectors

Where competence builds confidence


Established in 1987,
ACS has an enviable record in systems integration and control panel manufacture throughout the utilities industry.

We have extensive practical application experience gained over more than 20 years in water, water treatment and effluent treatment.

210Kw High lift pumps for Seven Trent controlled with ABB variable speed drives Rotor resistance starters for South East Water 132Kw Borehole Pump control panels Booster pump sets for extremities of supply network in Worcestershire


A track record in the manufacturing sector for over 24 years including:

  • machine tooling
  • Kiln and Oven control
  • Fabrication machines
  • Extruders
  • Welding rings
  • Generators
  • Packaging
Temperature control of fuel lines in Heysham and Hartlepool Nuclear Power Forklift truck component manufacture on rotary table

Food Industry

ACS has the knowledge and experience to maximize productuin efficiency via effective production and efficiency monitoring, efficiency and line utilization capability.

  • Depositors for 100 and 200 gram bars
  • Shell moulding
  • Forming and tamping process lines
  • Product transfer and conditioning
5 Axis Servo CDM Chocolate Chocolate Shell Flake Production Line Food Industry